Rolling New York City / by alejandro padron

Discovering my passion has not been simple, it is a process of continuous learning. The good thing is that I am very curious and flexible, I wanted to undertake in different ways, when I lived in Caracas for example I fulfilled my work, and on the other hand I was always inventing new things with friends, new business, new activities.

I think my passion has always been inclined towards the arts like music and cinema and I found in the photograph a way to express it.

New York dazzled me from the first time I saw her, that's why I wanted to return and live here and gradually began to discover beauty in its light, in its architecture, in its seasons, in the people.
I started taking pictures with my cell phone and then I decided to study at the Institute of Photography.
In my eagerness to show the perfection that I found in New York through my camera, I printed some photos and create an album, some have become postcards that I have sent to my friends in Venezuela and I have given to my new Italian family, others are mounted in frames in my house and I have shared one person or another, or with some famous actor that I have stumbled on my walks or in the cafe.

Most of the photos I make walking down the street are on my Instagram and now I give you the opportunity to appreciate them through my website. In this way, you can know my work and if you are interested you can contact me.

In March of this year 2017, my Piccolo Café family gave me the opportunity to present some of my work on their premises. And as a team we created a small event that was called "Rolling New York City", I had a lot of support and it was a very special moment for me, I will always be grateful to all the people that made it possible.
This road is just beginning, I want to not only give me the opportunity to continue discovering the beauty in the details of the city, but the beauty that is in its people, the beauty that is in the world.