Alejandro Padrón or Gino as he is known in his social networks and his friends, is a 34-year-old from Caracas, who has been living in New York for more than 2 years, and is a photography student at the New York Institute of Photography. He has been immortalizing details of that incredible city known to many as the capital of the world.

Gino has been able to photograph musicians like René López, as well as the actress and protagonist Chilina Kennedy of the Broadway play "Beautiful The Carole King Musical".

Alejandro has started a journey that leads him to discover love and beauty through the art of photography and to live more intensely in New York City.

This resident of Queens, takes advantage of every walk through the city, when he goes to the cafe where he works, to reveal the natural beauty that surrounds him and to capture it through the lens of his camera, to share it with the world.
Alejandro is passionate about the cinema and the little details that make life a pleasure. Art and music are part of his daily life and are the basis of every image he captures.

With very little experience in the field of photography, he began to study at the New York Institute of Photography, and now he presents his incredible work.
He wants to expand his view of the world that envelops him and show the perfection that through the lens of his camera is able to find.

The coordinates of Alejandro::
Instagram @ginoalephotos
Twitter: @bonogino

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